Healthy Thanksgiving recipes

Even though Thanksgiving is usually a time to indulge, we found some healthier recipes to add a fresh take. Since the new normal began, eating habits overall have been understandably different. Here’s an opportunity to still enjoy Thanksgiving while being a bit better to our bodies without sacrificing any of the taste or enjoyment. Delish has some tempting dishes to try this holiday including cauliflower stuffing, sweet potato salad, keto pumpkin pie, and more. Epicurious is also on the healthy Thanksgiving kick with recipes for kale salad with butternut squash, broccoli and brussels sprouts slaw, wild rice and mushroom stuffing, falafel mushroom loaf, and more. And speaking of curiosity, the Huffington Post has the healthiest Thanksgiving sides as ranked by nutritionists. From all of us at Cambridge Place and HQT Homes, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!